Parente Motorsports is a family based professional racing team that is based in the Adelelaide, SA area of Australia and participates in the ANDRA Pro Stock division. The family efforts are headed by father Gerry Parente who has spent many years competing within the Pro Stock class in the 90's and early 2000's. The team currently utilizes a new Rick Jones Camaro with Reher-Morrison powered 400" power plant. 

With Gerry's sons beginning to take an active role in their passion for drag racing due to the re-emergence of racing in their home town, Gerry decided it was time to re-live his passion and re-enter Australian Pro Stock. The Parente Motorsport team is family orientated with Gerry’s wife, Mary and sons Silvio, Michael and Christian all assisting in different roles within the team. Close friends of Gerry complete the makeup of the team.